SmoothLase Facial Rejuvenation in Tulsa, OK

We all want to look younger, don’t we? Aging skin shows the many years you have experienced, but not everyone considers this a badge of honor! Over time, your skin loses its bounce, creating wrinkles, loose skin, and some discoloration. Your Tulsa, OK dentist can help through facial rejuvenation.

When you think about correcting this issue, your mind probably jumps to injections, surgical measures, and a lot of discomfort. Let us introduce you to SmoothLase™, a photothermal therapy that uses the Er:YAG laser to promote growth of new collagen.

Comfortable Facial Rejuvenation Is Here

Our patients often tell very similar stories. They longed for younger, healthier looking skin, but the cost, discomfort, and stigma associated with more traditional methods of rejuvenation caused them to unhappily accept their skin as it was. Until they heard about SmoothLase™, that is.

SmoothLase™ treatment does not require anesthetics. It does not require injections. It does not require long periods of healing. The SmoothLase™ instrument is actually a small, handheld device that will show immediate results. In the three weeks following your treatment, your body will continue to produce collagen and improve the look of your skin, so each day is literally better than the day before!

Is SmoothLase™ My Best Option to Look Younger?

SmoothLase™ is approved for all adults, but your treatment experience will differ from your peers depending on your age and the state of your skin. While some patients are able to achieve their ideal results after one treatment, other patients may need to come back for additional SmoothLase™ sessions. We can help you set accurate expectations during a free consultation with Dr. Cobble.

In addition to SmoothLase™, we also offer LipLaseSM™, which focuses specifically on lip rejuvenation. We can complete the two treatments together, or each can stand alone as a separate option.

I’m Ready to Look Younger with SmoothLase™

If you are tired of watching your skin show your age (or make you look older than you actually are!), let us help with SmoothLase treatment in Tulsa, OK. This natural treatment will allow your body to produce its own collagen so that your skin looks fuller, brighter, and younger

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