Restorative Dentistry

Bring Back Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry Services in Tulsa, OK

When something important gets damaged or stops working correctly, you need to fix it. Not only will you be able to use it normally again, you will also prevent the problem from getting worse. That’s exactly what restorative dentistry from Dr. Cobble, a Tulsa, OK dentist, does. When your teeth are damaged or even missing, restorative dentistry treatments fix the problems so your smile looks and works like normal again.

Replace A Missing Tooth

If you’re missing a tooth, your smile will suffer for it. You probably have trouble chewing as well. That’s why a replacement tooth can work wonders for you. At our Tulsa, OK dental office, we can replace your missing teeth with dental bridges or dental implants.

  • Dental bridges use either porcelain crowns or an implanted root to hold replacement teeth in place.
  • Dental implants use an artificial root to hold onto a replacement tooth.

With both treatments, your smile will look great again and you will be able to chew normally.

Tooth Extraction May Be Needed

The bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities can get inside of your teeth. When this happens, they infect the dental pulp. You may get a bad toothache as a result. If not treated, that tooth will most likely have to be removed.

To save the tooth, you can get root canal therapy. In this restorative dentistry treatment, Dr. Cobble will make a small opening on the side of the tooth. Your dentist will carefully remove the infected pulp and seal the tooth with a dental crown.

Dental Crowns to Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns do a lot of different things, namely repair damaged teeth. If you have teeth that are chipped or cracked, porcelain crowns will both protect them and make them look better. These are caps made to look and feel like your natural, healthy teeth. Once placed, they seal damaged areas and hold the tooth together so cracks or breaks don’t get bigger. They also allow you to eat without discomfort or pain.

Dental Veneers to Restore Your Teeth

Dental veneers are thin shells that are placed on the front of your teeth. They cover any minor damages or stains so your smile looks amazing. However, they do more than that. They seal damage and prevent it from getting worse, similar to how dental crowns do that.

If you have a cracked front tooth, for example, a dental veneer will seal that crack so it doesn’t grow larger. Masterpiece Smiles offers e.max prepless veneers, which means no portion of your tooth has to be removed prior to placing the dental veneers.

Repair Cavities with Tooth-Colored Fillings

When harmful bacteria live on the surface of your teeth, they cause tooth decay. This creates a small hole or cavity in your enamel. You need to have that damage repaired. If you don’t, the cavity will keep getting bigger.

At our Tulsa, OK dental office, we do not use metal fillings. Instead, you can get white fillings color-matched to your teeth. These tooth-colored fillings will repair the damage but be very hard to notice.

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