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Oral Surgery Procedures in Tulsa, OK

Oral surgery procedures can mean the difference between a healthy mouth and one that bothers you every day. The dentists at our Tulsa, OK dental office will do some oral surgery, but when more specialized care is necessary, they will refer you to a hand-selected specialist. Our Tulsa, OK dentists take time to select specialty offices they know are the best and will care for you in the same manner everyone at Masterpiece Smiles does. That means a lot to our patients and enables them to be more confident when they occasionally have to utilize a specialist.

When Tooth Removal is Required

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At Masterpiece Smiles, we always try to save your teeth. They’re wonderful things — when they work. When they don’t, we have a number of treatments to fix the problem: root canal therapy, dental crowns, and more. However, the ultimate goal is maintaining your health.

There are cases when the damage to a tooth is so severe, removing it is the only way to keep you healthy and pain-free. That kind of extensive damage can happen with cavities or infections that were never treated.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your third molars (also called wisdom teeth) come in much later than the rest of your adult teeth. This can cause problems. If a third molar tries to come in under your second molar, this could hurt your teeth.

Some wisdom teeth never fully come in, creating pockets near the gumline perfect for harmful bacteria. Then there’s trying to keep your wisdom teeth clean. They’re so far back, many people have trouble brushing and flossing there.

For the most part, your wisdom teeth will probably have to be removed. It’s the only way to keep your mouth healthy and prevent pain.

Sinus Lift to Prepare for Dental Implants

One of the best treatments for missing teeth is a dental implant. You get a beautiful replacement tooth, but you also get an artificial tooth root. This stimulates your jawbone so it does not deteriorate over time. Sadly, not everyone can get dental implants.

If your sinus cavity is too close to your jawbone, implanted roots on the top of your mouth can rupture the sinus membrane. To avoid this, a specialist can perform a sinus lift. This surgical procedure literally moves your sinus membrane higher and provides additional bone so implants can work for you.

Weak Jawbones Corrected with Oral Surgery

Implants also need healthy bone tissue. Without it, the implants could fail. Bone loss happens when you’ve gone without a replacement tooth for too long. Your natural teeth have roots that extend into your jawbone. This stimulates your bone tissue whenever you chew. When that stimulation goes missing due to lost teeth, the bone tissue deteriorates. There are two oral surgery procedures that can help.

First, our Tulsa, OK dentists routinely perform bone grafts (treatment of a single tooth socket or boney defect site) in our office. Another oral surgery procedure that strengthens a weak jawbone, is ridge augmentation (a type of bone graft that restores bone to multiple tooth sockets). Most often this procedure is performed by an outside specialist.

Comfortable Gum Grafting Procedure

Parts of your teeth are supposed to be covered by your gums. When the gums recede because of gum disease, too much of your teeth are exposed. Gum grafts can correct the problem. In the past, the only option we had was to have a specialist surgically graft healthy gum tissue to your existing gums.

While effective, this oral surgery procedure is not comfortable. Our dentists have invested the time and effort to learn a better option for our patients.

Our dentists use the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique as an alternative to gum grafts. This technique accomplishes the same quality of treatment, but it is much more comfortable and tolerable for the patient. In fact, it is virtually pain-free! With either of these procedures, more of the tooth is covered, leading to better dental health overall.

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