Gum Reshaping

Get Rid of Gummy Smile with Gum Reshaping in Tulsa, OK

Straight, white teeth are two of the hallmarks of a great smile. But what if your teeth are fine and it’s your gums that are the problem? If you have a gummy smile, you may not have realized that gum reshaping treatment from our Tulsa, OK dentist office can help.

Gummy Smile Treatment

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“Gummy smile” isn’t a technical dental term, but we use it because it describes the problem very well. A gummy smile means that your gumline covers too much of your teeth. Your gums are supposed to cover some of your teeth, but with this condition, your gums look too big and your teeth look too small.

Gummy smiles are usually caused by genetics. You’re just born with too much gum tissue, or your upper lips goes up too high when you smile. Regardless, gum reshaping can help your gumline get back to where it should be.

Gum Reshaping Options

This cosmetic dentistry treatment is fairly straightforward. In order to have less gums showing in your smile, you need less gum tissue. Dr. Cobble will carefully remove excess gum tissue, which moves your gumline away from your teeth. Your gums and your teeth will look normal-sized after your procedure.

Benefits Of Gum Reshaping

Getting rid of excess gum tissue has both cosmetic and health benefits.

  • Once the gum reshaping treatment is finished, your smile will look great again. The size of your teeth will look natural, as will your gums. Gum reshaping can also be done to make your gumline straight and even. Knowing that you’ve taken care of this cosmetic problem with your smile can really boost your confidence. You’ll be smiling more often, just like our other patients who’ve had this procedure done.
  • Gum disease is a big problem, with almost 50 percent of American having some form of this disease. By removing excess gum tissue, you can help prevent gingivitis (the early stage of gum disease).

Dental Lasers During Gum Reshaping

These days, laser dentistry is becoming more and more sophisticated. At our Tulsa, OK dental office, you can get gum reshaping done by a special dental laser. This device will gently remove the gum tissue causing the problem. Because the laser will cauterize the gums as it gets rid of the excess tissue, there is no bleeding or need for sutures. Most patients will not feel any pain with the laser, either.

One of the best things about using a laser for gum reshaping is the speed. Your gum reshaping treatment can be done in as little as 90 minutes. Not bad for getting your smile back.

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