I’m Having a Hard Time Chewing

When your teeth are damaged or even missing, you can have a hard time chewing. That can mean you won’t get to eat some of the foods you love, or at least not easily. Your jaw can even get in the way of comfortably enjoying your meals. When you have hard time chewing, restorative dentistry from our Tulsa, OK dentist office can help.

How Can I Replace A Missing Tooth?

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When you don’t have all your teeth, chewing can be a big problem. Some foods are tough, and you’ll need all of your teeth to chew properly. If you are having trouble chewing because of a missing tooth, your dentist at Masterpiece Smiles offers several options to replace it. Dental bridges use dental crowns to hold a replacement tooth in that space. Dental implants use a replacement tooth atop an implanted artificial root. Both will do a great job at letting you chew again.

What If I’m Missing A Lot Of Teeth?

If you are missing several teeth, you have even more options. Partial dentures are used to replace several teeth missing in a row. Full dentures use replacement teeth set in a gum-colored base to replace a full arch of teeth. If you’re worried about your dentures slipping around when you try to eat, Dr. Cobble can refer you to a specialist for dentures connected to dental implants.

Why Is It Hard To Move My Jaw To Chew Sometimes?

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Your jaw is controlled by a pair of joints called your temporomandibular joints, or TMJ. Just like how your knees can get sore and hurt when you run, your TMJ can get sore and cause pain when you chew. They can even get stiff, making it harder to chew. To help with TMJ pain, our Tulsa, OK dentist can provide a customized mouthguard that helps your jaw rest while you sleep. This gives your TMJ time to heal, helping you chew normally again.

What If I’ve Damaged A Tooth?

There are several things that can damage your teeth. If cavities are not caught early, they can erode your enamel. Accidents happen and can chip or crack your enamel. In both cases, that damage can make it harder to chew. To correct either problem, you can get dental crowns. These custom-made porcelain caps fit snugly over your teeth. They look just like your real teeth and feel the same as well.

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