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Because looking after your family’s dental health can vary with age, Masterpiece Smiles has put together a series of blog posts looking at dental care at every age. Today we’ll chat about what your teen needs to keep their smiles beautiful and healthy into adulthood. This is just a broad overview, for specifics on how to care for your teen’s unique oral health needs, call our office and a friendly member of our team will schedule a consultation for you and your teen.

Create A Healthy Foundation With Dental Cleanings & Dental Exams

We should see your teen’s smiling face at least twice a year for dental cleanings and dental exams. While twice daily brushing and once a day flossing are crucial to maintaining the health of teeth and gums, professional cleaning by one of our friendly dental hygienists is also important. Hygienists can reach all those hard to get at places between teeth and beneath your teen’s gumline.

Your visit is also an opportunity for a dental exam. With regular dental exams, we can spot and treat health issues early or even just give you the peace of mind that your teen’s dental health is on the right track.

Does Your Teen Need Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

One thing we learn through bi-annual exams is if your teen will need their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth generally come during the late teen years or early twenties. Some reasons your teen might need their wisdom teeth removed:

  • Wisdom teeth are coming in beneath other teeth
  • Wisdom teeth are coming in and crowding other teeth
  • Wisdom teeth are impacted and creating an abscess

At Masterpiece Smiles, we find that it’s best to remove wisdom teeth before they can erupt and disturb the alignment of the rest of your teen’s teeth. Your teen can have their wisdom teeth removed in the comfort of our office by a dentist that already knows them and is familiar with their teeth.

Don’t Let Your Teen Rush Into The Big Game Without Dental Defense

Your teen’s teeth are an investment, protect that investment with an athletic mouthguard. The teen years are often filled with physical activities. While you might remember to visit us for a mouthguard for your son the football player, did you know that your daughter the gymnast needs a mouthguard too?

Young women are actually far more likely to suffer dental injury than young men because the activities they engage in like gymnastics, soccer, and basketball, are less likely to require they wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth.

Americans spend around 500 million dollars every year replacing teeth lost to a dental injury. Don’t be one of them, bring your teen into Masterpiece Smiles for a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard today. Custom-fitted athletic mouthguards are more comfortable and allow for easier breathing during activity than store-bought mouthguards or the types you see pushed online.

Braces Don’t Have To Get Your Teen’s Self-Esteem Down

High school is a delicate time for your teen’s self-esteem. You want the best for your teen and you know how valuable a straight smile will be as an adult in the workforce or even finding a future spouse. So, if your teen needs braces, it makes sense to get them braces. But what about their self-esteem? Will their braces make them feel singled out?

At Masterpiece Smiles we offer Invisalign, so your teen can straighten their teeth and blend in at the same time. Invisalign’s custom-fitted clear, removable trays will guide your teen’s teeth into alignment over a period of months – sometimes in as little as 12-months!

Getting your teen’s Invisalign treatment done at our office is convenient for you, because you don’t have to make multiple stops all over town to make sure your children are all getting the dental care they need. Braces and dental cleanings all at the same dental office.

It’s vital that you maintain your child’s oral health through their teen years. Otherwise, they could be faced with invasive, often costly dental procedures that could have been prevented by early treatment. Masterpiece Smiles here for you and your teen and your entire family.

From your teen to your toddler, we are a family-focused dental office. Dr. Cobble even has a decades-long reputation for being a “pain-free” dentist. We go out of our way to make your family feel at ease.

Has your family had their bi-annual dental exams and dental cleanings? Don’t put them off any longer. Call us at 918-925-9687 or fill out our simple online form to schedule your appointments.

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