Top 5 Ways Dental Crowns Can Restore Your Smile

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You deserve a smile that’s both healthy and attractive. When you have a damaged or missing tooth, your whole smile doesn’t look good. Such damage can easily get worse, too.

To help with both the look and damage issues, you can get a dental crown (or tooth crown) from our Tulsa, OK dental office. These caps are made from porcelain to look and feel like one of your healthy, natural teeth. They are made to order, so your tooth crown will look great in your smile. Here are the top five ways dental crowns can help restore your smile.

1. Dental crowns can be used in a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth. There are several ways you can lose a tooth. Gum disease can make teeth fall out. Accidents can knock a tooth out. You might have needed a dental extraction to remove the tooth to keep your mouth healthy. Regardless of why, you need a replacement tooth. Until you do, you’ll have a harder time chewing, and you’ll likely be a embarrassed by the empty space in your smile.

A dental bridge is a non-surgical restorative dentistry treatment to replace that missing tooth. One porcelain crown is made to serve as the replacement. It’s designed to look like the missing tooth, so it will fit nicely in the gap. Two other porcelain crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap. The replacement is bonded to these crowns. This holds the replacement steadily in that space without any surgery.

2. Dental crowns can also be used in a dental implant to replace missing teeth.

Dental bridges work great, but if you want more stability and durability with your replacement, you want a dental implant. Here, an artificial root is first implanted in your jawbone. This mimics the natural root that used to be there. It also helps keep your jawbone healthy and provides the same strength as your natural teeth.

A dental crown is made as a replacement. It’s connected to the artificial root with a small device called an abutment. This way, you can get the tooth crown replaced in an emergency without needing more oral surgery. Dental implants also last a lot longer than most dental bridges.

3. Dental crowns protect and beautify damaged teeth.

Your car is like your teeth. It starts out new and looks great. But even if you avoid accidents, your car will eventually collect dents, dings, and rust. Your teeth won’t rust, but they can collect chips, cracks, and stains. These roughs spots can be weak points in your enamel. You’re more likely to get more damage or even cavities in those weak points. Besides, the tooth certainly does not look good.

Dental crowns cover the visible part of your teeth. When it comes to one with damage or stains, the dental crown helps in two ways. First, the unsightly stains and damage are covered over by the healthy, natural-looking tooth crown. Second, the weak points will be sealed up and protected by the porcelain crown. It can improve the look and strength of a damaged tooth.

4. Dental crowns can repair cavities too big for traditional dental fillings.

Cavities happen when harmful bacteria grow unchecked on your teeth. These bacteria give off an acid that erodes the enamel. The holes where the enamel was eroded are called cavities. You need to get them repaired. Not only is it a weak point in your enamel, it can keep growing. Normally, you fix a cavity with a dental filling. To do so, you need enough healthy enamel for the filling to bond with. Otherwise, the filling will just fall out.

If you have a cavity too big for a dental filling, you can repair the damage with a dental crown instead. Once the porcelain crown is put in place over your tooth, it seals up the damage just like a filling, Even better, the porcelain crown adds a layer of protection and looks amazing.

5. Dental crowns seal up a tooth after a root canal to protect it.

Harmful bacteria can cause more problems than just cavities. If they can indie of your tooth (such as when a cavity gets too deep), they can infect your dental pulp. Since the pulp is home to blood vessels and nerve endings, such an infection is very painful and threatens to destroy the whole tooth. Root canals are the only way to get rid of the infection and save the tooth.

In order to get to the infection, our dentists will need to make a small opening in your tooth during the root canal. Here is where a dental crown comes in handy again. After the infection is removed, you’ll get a tooth crown placed over it. This will close up that small opening, preventing your pulp from getting reinfected. As with other cases above, these restorative dentistry treatments will also help keep the tooth strong.

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