The New Website For Masterpiece Smiles Is Live

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We have a new website for our Tulsa, OK dental office. That’s because we’ve made a few changes to our treatments and practice. That said, the important things did not change. We still offer comprehensive dental treatments for you and your whole family.

Laser Dentistry And More Dental Technologies

Dental lasers are amazing pieces of technology that can work with many different treatments. Our root canal therapy can use a laser to help remove infections inside teeth. Your gums can be reshaped and made healthy with our LANAP system. TouchWhite™ teeth whitening uses a special whitening gel activated by laser. We can even use lasers to detect hidden cavities and help treat sleep apnea.

At our Tulsa, OK dental office, our modern technology is not just limited to lasers. We have three-dimensional scanners to take photos of your teeth. Our X-rays are fully digital. Fillings are metal-free. Our dentists are some of the only ones in Tulsa, OK certified to use Perio Protect, an antibacterial system to fight and control gum disease.

Trained, Caring Dentists And Staff

Our dental team — Dr. Jan Cobble, and the rest of our staff — are all highly trained and ready to meet your dental needs. Our dentists take continuing education courses to stay on top of the latest advances in dentistry. You will be greeted warmly from the moment you step into our Tulsa, OK dental office and treated with respect until you head back out. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable, so we go out of our way to help with blankets, drinks, and of course, a warm smile.

Dental Treatments For Your Whole Family

Because we are a family dental office, we offer a wide range of dental treatments for your entire family. Of course, you can get your teeth cleaned and examined every six months. Any cavities can be repaired with composite fillings or dental crowns. But we have treatments for many other dental problems as well. Cosmetic dentistry can make your smile look amazing. Restorative dentistry can fix damaged teeth so you can live without pain. Invisalign clear aligners can straighten your teeth without all of that metal. You can replace missing teeth with oral surgery. You can even get treatments for sleep apnea and TMJ pain.

If you are ready to find a family dental office in Tulsa, OK, call us today at 918-925-9687 or use our convenient online form for your next appointment.

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