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Restorative dentistry isn’t new.

It’s been around for thousands of years of recorded human history. But the treatments used in restorative care have never been better than they are today.

We no longer use ivory or animal bones to take the place of missing teeth. You no longer have to settle for gold replacements to restore the function of your damaged teeth. We have ceramic teeth replacements that look and function nearly the same as natural teeth.

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At Masterpiece Smiles, we can help you and your loved ones keep smiling even when something goes wrong.


Why You Might Need Restorative Care

As a general rule, our dentist office wants our patients to keep all of their natural teeth and to keep as much of each of those teeth as possible.

Preventive care (dental cleanings and exams along with your home hygiene routine) is intended to help you avoid tooth decay and gum disease as much as possible. Restorative dentistry helps when things don’t quite go as well as we would like.

And statistically, a lot of things go wrong every year, every month, and every day, unfortunately. According to the Centers for Disease Control:

▶ More than 90 percent of Americans ages 20-64 have cavities

▶ Roughly 1 in 4 people have untreated tooth decay

▶ More than half of all American adults are missing at least one tooth (not counting wisdom teeth)

▶ Nearly 1 in 5 adults 65 and older are missing at least one complete row of teeth

We could go on, but we think you get the picture. There’s a lot of things that can hurt your teeth. If and when they do, Masterpiece Smile can help.


Repairing Teeth

When prevention is no longer an option, it’s best to act quickly to repair teeth with problems. In many cases, this can preserve the remaining healthy teeth that you still have.

By seeking help early, your treatment is less invasive as well. Tooth decay is a great example of this.

When you develop a cavity, you may notice it on your own, or we may notice it when you visit our Tulsa dentist office for a professional cleaning and exam. In either case, you can come to us for a tooth-colored dental filling.

After removing the decay from your teeth, we can fill the hole with a composite resin that matches the color of your tooth. This helps you maintain the look of your smile along with the function of your tooth.

If that decay goes untreated, the damage can spread, weakening the tooth. In those instances, a dental filling may not be effective. Instead, we can design a dental crown to cap your tooth. Modern crowns are made of durable, lifelike ceramics that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

If the decay remains untreated, it can lead to tooth infections. The preferred treatment in those situations is root canal therapy, although in severe cases, tooth removal may be necessary.

And that brings us to the next way restorative dentistry can help you.


Replacing Teeth

In modern dentistry, we still have the old standbys of dental bridges and dentures to replace lost and removed teeth. We’ve also kicked things up a notch thanks to dental implants.

Losing teeth is a part of growing up. Your primary teeth fell out to make room for your permanent teeth to come in.

As an adult, however, the Tooth Fairy is no longer interested in your missing teeth. Instead, we recommend talking to our dentist, Dr. Jan Cobble, about which teeth replacement option is right for you.

For a single tooth, you could get a traditional dental bridge. You also have the option of a complete tooth replacement with a dental implant and dental crown together.

For multiple teeth, you have more options. A traditional dental bridge could work in some cases. Partial dentures could work for other patients, or you could get an implant-supported bridge for added security and stability.

And if you do need to replace an entire row of teeth, we offer traditional and implant-supported dentures to bring back your smile.


Keep Smiling

Masterpiece Smiles wants to work with you to maintain your oral health. That’s true whether you are interested in preventive care or you need restorative dentistry.

To learn more or to make an appointment, contact us online or call 918-925-9687.


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