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With Halloween coming up, many of us are thinking about our teeth and candy. But Masterpiece Smiles wants to remind you, you should be thinking about how your diet affects your smile year round. Watching your diet along with regular dental cleanings and dental exams at our Tulsa, OK dental office can help keep your smile looking great! We can help you along the way with nutritional counseling and fluoride treatments and tooth sealants to strengthen your teeth against decay.

Don’t fret, if your smile has already seen some hard times, Dr. Cobble has more than half a century of dental experience across multiple fields of dentistry, to give you a smile you’ll cherish. Call us today to begin treatment.

Fortunately, many of the food perils you’ll encounter can be fixed by Masterpiece Smiles:


Food Peril: Hard Candy

Damage: Biting down onto hard candy can chip, crack, or fracture your tooth.

Fix: Depending on the severity of these issues we can fix them with a tooth-colored filling or porcelain crown. A minor chip can be smoothed away with teeth recontouring. To hide multiple imperfections, we would recommend e.max dental veneers. We’d apply an ultra-thin layer of ceramic glass over your teeth to give the appearance of a flawless smile.


Food Peril: Taffy

Damage: Sticky taffy can stick to the enamel of your teeth or get stuck between your teeth to cause cavities. Taffy is frequently the culprit behind loose dental crowns and lost fillings.

Fix: Regular dental cleanings can help get at any taffy or other bits of food missed by you at home. If you lose a filling, we’re happy to replace with a tooth-colored filling that will blend right in with your natural teeth. Loose crowns can be replaced with one of our porcelain dental crowns.


Food Peril: Cookies, cakes, and brownies

Damage: Carb-rich treats become sugar when they break down in your mouth. Lingering sugar can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Fix: Twice daily brushing and daily flossing are your best defense against sugar. We can help you keep your teeth cavity and gum disease free with dental cleanings and dental exams twice a year. Dental exams will let us know if you have a cavity that needs filling or if you’re in the early stages of gum disease. We are the only dental office in Tulsa, OK that can fight your gum disease with Perio Protect.


Food Peril: Sodas

Damage: The acids in soda can eat away at the enamel of your teeth increasing your risk for cavities and leading to discoloration.

Fix: When you must give in to your soda craving, follow it with a glass of water if you’re out and about and if you’re at home, brush your teeth. Masterpiece Smiles can reverse the damage of discoloration by soft drinks through professional teeth whitening treatment. And as mentioned, we fix cavities with tooth-colored fillings and dental crowns.


Food Peril: Hot cocoa, hot cider, hot tea, hot coffee

Damage: As the seasons cool, we’re more likely to reach for a hot beverage. If you have dentures or Invisalign, make sure your drink cools a little first or you could find yourself with a misshapen fixture.

Fix: We can replace dentures or Invisalign trays damaged by heat exposure.


Food Peril: Apples, corn on the cob, nuts

Damage: You may find yourself unable to enjoy these popular foods if your dentures don’t fit securely.

Fix: Dental implants allow you to eat almost all of the foods you could chew with your natural teeth. We can place and restore your dental implants at our office and even offer mini dental implants for patients suffering from bone loss. Your other option is to secure your dentures with dental implants.


Food Peril: Beer, wine, and cocktails

Damage: Alcohol has a relaxing effect on your muscles which intensifies your snoring.

Fix: Masterpiece Smiles can treat your snoring two ways. A custom mouthguard can reposition your jaw, so your throat remains open, which alleviates blockage and fixes your snoring. For more intense snoring, we can treat you with NightLase™. NightLase™ tightens the tissue at the back of your throat. Tighter tissue means your airways are more open. This leads to easier breathing and less snoring.

These are just some of the food perils you might encounter and just a fraction of the fixes Masterpiece Smiles can provide. The only way for us to truly address any damage or symptoms you might be experiencing is for you to come in for an appointment. Our experienced dentists and caring team will give you a full comprehensive exam and discuss all of your options for you whether your needs be cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, or restorative dentistry. Call us today for an appointment at 918-925-9687 or use our online form.

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