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Lasers play an important role in Star Wars and other science fiction stories. While those are fantasy tales, what we do with lasers at Masterpiece Smiles is real.

Dentistry may not be as cool as a laser battle in outer space. But our dental lasers help us provide the most advanced treatments for patients at our dentist office in Tulsa, OK. We have even added lasers as part of root canal treatments.

We will discuss that a little more below. We also will discuss why you might need a root canal treatment and what you can do to avoid needing this procedure.

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Root Canals And Laser Treatments

Root canal treatments have received a bad reputation over the years. Many people are so convinced that this treatment will be painful that they will try to ignore an infected tooth for too long.

In modern dentistry, we can perform root canal treatments that are practically pain-free. After all, the purpose of this treatment is to remove the infection from your mouth.

Teeth become infection when bacteria reaches the pulp. This is a soft connective tissue found at the center of your teeth and in the root canals. The root canals are openings in the roots of your teeth where blood vessels and nerves enter your teeth.

A bacterial infection can cause the pulp to become inflamed. That inflammation can lead to pain, which is what leads many people to finally seek treatment.

During a root canal treatment, Dr. Cobble will remove the infected pulp along with the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. As part of this process, he will sanitize the inside of the affected tooth.

Dental lasers have proven to be effective at targeting bacteria to reduce your risk of reinfection. In fact, Dr. Steven J. Katz reported in a piece for “Dear Doctor” (a patient-friendly website devoted to oral health) that lasers were actually more effective at disinfecting teeth than more conventional techniques.

By coming to Masterpiece Smiles, you are getting the advanced treatments with the most effective techniques available.

And by using a dental laser, you will feel less discomfort and heal in less time than you would after conventional root canal treatments.

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Reasons You May Need A Root Canal Treatment

We don’t recommend root canal treatments unless they are necessary. Having an infected tooth isn’t just inconvenient. It also can lead to more oral health issues.

Some of the symptoms of an infected tooth are increased sensitivity to hot or cold, tooth pain when eating, swollen or tender gums, a dark or discolored tooth, or a recurring “pimple” on your gums.

Teeth can become infected whenever bacteria has an opportunity to reach the pulp of your teeth.

One way this can happen is tooth decay. A cavity grows as bacteria eat away at your teeth. If the bacteria eats through the enamel, it can reach the softer dentin underneath. If it eats through the dentin, it will reach the pulp.

Gum disease also can lead to tooth infections. When pockets form in your gums, bacteria has a way to attack your teeth at the roots. By eating into the cementum (the outer layer of the roots), the bacteria has a shorter path to the pulp.

Last, but not least, you can develop tooth infections as a result of injuries. In particular, you could develop an infection if a tooth is broken. That break could expose the inside of your tooth to the bacteria that cause these kinds of infections.

We hope you will contact Masterpiece Smiles right away if you are experiencing any of what we described above.


How To Avoid A Root Canal Treatment

While we are prepared to provide root canal treatments, we would much rather that you did not have infected teeth.

To that end, we would encourage you to brush and floss daily. Together, these steps will remove much of the bacteria and plaque that can form in your mouth daily. By breaking up the plaque, you are less likely to have tooth decay or gum disease.

Likewise, you should schedule regular dental cleanings and examinations at Masterpiece Smile. Our trained dental professionals can get your teeth as clean as can be. We also will watch for early signs of tooth decay or gum disease. By treating these problems early, you often can avoid tooth infections.

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