Did You Know That Sleep Apnea Could Be Dangerous?

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People sometimes make noise when they sleep. If you snore a little, that’s probably nothing to worry about. But if you are snoring most nights, you could have a condition called sleep apnea. This robs you of your sleep and can be dangerous to you.

That’s why you need to call our Tulsa, OK dental office today at 918-925-9687 and schedule sleep apnea treatment. Dentists work on much more than teeth, so Dr. Cobble has the training needed to help bring relief from sleep apnea before it becomes too harmful.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

There are a few forms of sleep apnea, but the most common one is obstructive sleep apnea. This is when the muscles in your throat relax too much while you’re asleep. Their weight slowly pushes down on your airway. As it gets tighter, you breathe heavier and start to snore.

Eventually, that pressure closes up your airway completely. You actually stop breathing while asleep. Your body instantly wakes you up, but not entirely. As soon as you start to awaken, those throat muscles tighten back up and you can breathe again.

With sleep apnea, you’ll go through a cycle of sleep-cannot breathe-wake hundreds of time each eight hours of sleep. That means you’re never actually getting the sleep you need.

Besides the loud snoring, here are some other signs that you might have sleep apnea.

  • Inability to stay focused
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Waking each morning still tired

If you have any of these symptoms, call Masterpiece Smiles today and make an appointment for sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Cobble can help determine if you really do have sleep apnea, and if so, how to treat it.

How Sleep Apnea Can Turn Dangerous

How bad is it to lose some sleep? If it was just the occasional night, it probably wouldn’t be much of a problem. But with sleep apnea, you rarely have a good night’s rest. Here’s why all that lost sleep can be dangerous to you.


When you’re behind the wheel, you have to be sharp and pay attention to the road. One moment where your mind wanders could lead to a bad accident. That can happen even when you’re gotten a good night’s sleep. With sleep apnea, you’re tired most (or all) of the time. That means you’ll be much more likely to get into an accident while driving somewhere.

Call our Tulsa, OK dental office today at 918-925-9687 for sleep apnea treatment that can help you finally get some sleep and avoid those accidents.


Sleep apnea deprives your body of the oxygen it needs. To compensate, your heart starts pumping harder. It’s trying to move the oxygen you still have in your bloodstream throughout your body. But this is when your heart should be resting, not working harder. This extra work taxes your heart and makes heart disease more likely.

That’s why you need to call Masterpiece Smiles today for sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Cobble has the training and technology to help so your chances of heart disease don’t go any higher.


When your heart is pumping harder, your blood pressure begins to go up. That’s because the blood running through your blood vessels is going faster than normal, putting stress on your circulatory system. As with your heart, your blood vessels should be resting during sleep, not working harder.

To help prevent this, call Dr. Cobble today and make an appointment for sleep apnea treatment.


Anyone would get a bit cranky when they had a bad night. But with sleep apnea, most of your nights are bad. That means you start getting moody and irritable at work and home. Eventually, this turns into depression because your brain isn’t getting the rest it needs to stay healthy.

By calling our Tulsa, OK dental office today, you can get sleep apnea treatment to finally help you sleep through the night. By getting the rest your brain needs, it can turn away from depression.

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