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Infected teeth can lead to more serious problems if they are left untreated. We do not say this to scare anyone, but it may help you see root canal treatments in a new light.

Root canals have a bad reputation as being a source of pain. As a result, many people will avoid getting one even when they really need it. At our dentist office in Tulsa, OK, we can perform your root canal treatment painlessly.

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How Tooth Infections Occur

Tooth infections can develop in a variety of ways, but these kinds of infections can be prevented.

Tooth decay can be treated before it turns into a tooth infection. If you notice the tell-tale signs of a cavity such as dark spots on your teeth or increased tooth sensitivity, a filling or dental crown can often solve the problem.

Tooth infections also can develop from gum disease. In the latter stages of this condition, bacteria can eat into your tooth at the roots. If it reaches the root canals — openings where nerves and blood vessels enter your teeth — this can cause your pulp to become inflamed.

Last, but not least, tooth infections can occur if a broken tooth is left untreated. A break can expose the softer, inner layers of your teeth. Bacteria can eat through these more quickly than the hard enamel on the exterior of your teeth.

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What To Watch For

Root canal treatments are done either to prevent a tooth infection or to remove an infection that has already started. These symptoms could mean you need a root canal:

▪︎ Increased tooth sensitivity to cold, hot, or sweet foods and drinks

▪︎ Visible dark spots on your teeth

▪︎ Pain when you bite or chew

▪︎ Visible holes in your teeth

▪︎ Toothache or tooth pain

To understand the potential consequences of ignoring a tooth infection, consider a study that was published in the Journal of Endodontics.

The study was conducted in 2013, and it examined more than 61,000 cases in which people were hospitalized because of abscessed teeth. Sadly, 66 of those patients passed away as a result of those infections.

We certainly don’t want this to happen to anyone. Please seek help if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Our dentist, Dr. Jan Cobble, has been helping patients for close to 40 years. In that time, he has made continuing education a priority so he can provide the most up-to-date treatment for our patients.


How We Can Perform A Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

We hate to see anyone in pain. This is why we will take steps before any root canal treatment to prevent you from feeling anything during the procedure.

At a minimum, we will apply a local anesthetic to your infected tooth and the surrounding soft tissue.

We also offer two kinds of sedation dentistry for patients who may be feeling anxious or would like more than localized pain prevention. With either nitrous oxide or oral sedation, you can rest assured that you won’t feel any pain during your root canal treatment.

During the procedure, we will remove the infected parts of your tooth. After the inside of your tooth has been cleaned and sanitized, we fill it with gutta-percha. This rubber-like material fills the empty space and helps your tooth retain its shape.

The final step is sealing your tooth, often with a dental crown, to restore the shape and function of your tooth and to protect against another infection.


Do You Have Questions About Root Canals?

Our team at Masterpiece Smiles is here to help.  Whether you have an infected tooth or you want to avoid one, our team of dental professionals is happy to provide the service you need.

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