Invisalign Or Braces: The Choice Is Clear

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When your teeth are crooked, you need orthodontic treatments. At our Tulsa, OK dental office, we offer Invisalign clear plastic aligners instead of traditional metal braces. Sure, metal braces work. But you get so many more benefits with Invisalign. Here are six clear reasons why Invisalign should be your choice for orthodontics.

  1. Invisalign is much easier to keep clean. Anything in your mouth needs to be cleaned regularly. This is to help keep your risk of cavities and gum disease under control. The more food particles get trapped in your mouth, the more likely those bacteria will thrive. Plus, you run the risk of bad breath without cleaning. Metal braces can be a pain to keep clean, though. There are so many places where food and bacteria can get stuck. Even just brushing can be difficult with the wire connecting those brackets. Invisalign is much easier to clean. They come right out, so you can rinse them off and put them back in. You can also brush your Invisalign aligners every so often to help make sure they stay clear and clean.
  2. You can eat normally with Invisalign. Because the metal and wires that come with traditional braces, you will need to watch what you eat. Anything sticky can get trapped on your metal, so you can’t enjoy gum, soda, and more. You also have to avoid tough foods like chips, popcorn, and pretzels because they could damage the wires or brackets. When you go with Invisalign, the aligners can be removed whenever you want. Instead of restrictions on what you can eat and drink, you just take the aligners out. You can eat normally, brush your teeth, then slide the aligners back in.
  3. You get results much faster with Invisalign. It’s not that metal braces do not work. In fact, metal braces can do a better job with certain extreme cases. Most people will get the same results with Invisalign clear aligners. One key difference is how long it takes. Metal braces normally take 2-3 years before they are complete. WIth Invisalign, most people can be done in around six months. It depends on how much work your smile needs to look straight, of course. But which would you prefer: metal in your mouth for years, or clear plastic in your mouth for months?
  4. You won’t have cement on your teeth, and your teeth won’t get stained. Metal braces work by pushing and pulling your teeth into alignment. That’s done by wires connected to metal brackets. These brackets need a strong connection to your teeth, so they’re cemented to the enamel. Unfortunately, that means your teeth can look stained once the cement comes off after 2-3 years. Invisalign work by the shape of the clear plastic aligners. With nothing cemented on your teeth, there’s no risk of the enamel being stained by the end of the orthodontic treatment.
  5. You will need less visits to our Tulsa, OK dental office. To move your teeth with metal braces, you will need to get the wires tightened regularly. That can mean monthly visits for the 2-3 years you’ll be wearing metal braces. Not only does that take a lot of your time, you need to pay for each visit. When you go with Invisalign, you’ll get a set of clear aligners. Each is slightly different and should be worn in order. But that means you’ll need less visits to our Tulsa, OK dental office. Also, your Invisalign orthodontic treatment ends much sooner, which means you’ll have even less visits to make.
  6. Your risk of cavities won’t go up with Invisalign. One of the big drawbacks with metal braces is how easy it is for food to get stuck along the brackets. Even if you avoid sticky foods like you should with braces, bits of your meals can get trapped on the wires and brackets. This usually puts the food right on your enamel, feeding the bacteria that cause cavities. You’ll often have a special small brush used for carefully removing food from braces. When you eat while using Invisalign, you can just take them out. As long as you brush your teeth after eating like you should anyway, you won’t have any higher risk of cavities with this orthodontic treatment.
  7. When worn, Invisalign is very hard to see. Metal braces are just impossible to not see when you smile. All of those silvery metal brackets and wires sticks out because it’s so out of place in your smile. If you’re not a teenager, metal braces can look doubly odd. (Looking young is often good, but braces can make you look immature instead.) Invisalign is made from clear plastic shaped to fit your teeth in particular. When worn, they are almost invisible. You really cannot see them unless you are very close and know what to look for. That’s why Invisalign is often called “invisible orthodontics.”

Invisalign is the modern orthodontic treatment you’ve been looking for. Call us today at 918-925-9687 for an initial consultation to see if Invisalign is right for you.

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