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Thanks to your dentist, you’ve got a new, bright smile. Your teeth are straight and white and you’re proud to show them off. The only downside is that the skin around your mouth, chin, lip, and face has fallen victim to gravity. It is wrinkled and sagging. You’ve turned back the clock on your teeth and gums. What can you do about the area around it?

Dr. Jan Cobble of Masterpiece Smiles in Tulsa, OK, has the answer. He wants to give you your self-confidence back and he realizes that that doesn’t just stop at your teeth. That’s why he is always learning about new technologies that can do just that. One of these new technologies is the Smoothlase™.

Smoothlase™ is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses a laser and the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin around the mouth, chin, and lips.

Smoothlase™ stimulates the deep structural support layers of the skin without disturbing the surface of the skin. It’s all done from inside the mouth.

Your skin can be damaged in many ways, including:

  • UV radiation
  • Tanning
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet (one low in antioxidants like Vitamins C, E, A, Biotin, Selenium, Lutein, Lycopene)
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Prescription drugs that dehydrate (some antihistamines, blood pressure medicines, chemotherapy drugs)

How Smoothlase™ Works

When your skin has a good amount of healthy collagen, it retains its tightness, plumpness, and elasticity. Loss of collagen is the main cause of skin aging, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and poor skin texture.

If you go to a dermatologist to get those issues fixed, they will use lasers to penetrate the skin from the outside in. Smoothlase™ works from inside the mouth using fractal laser technology that targets the deep skin where collagen lives. It activates cells to make brand new collagen in your face and lips.

Smoothlase™ tightens the skin non-invasively. Your own body responds to the treatment by stimulating the growth of collagen, which results in tighter skin in the mouth, chin, and lip areas.  The result is a more youthful appearance!

Benefits of Smoothlase™

There’s no downtime with Smoothlase™. It’s just a healthy way of revving-up on the inside to improve the way you look on the outside.

Each Smoothlase™ procedure lasts about 30 minutes. The effect of the treatment will build over time as it creates new collagen. Here are some of the advantages of Smoothlase™ to keep in mind:

  • There’s no downtime; you can go about your daily routine immediately after.
  • The results build over time.
  • There are no foreign substances involved.
  • The changes are not radical.
  • Gradual, but noticeable, effect on the outside.
  • Short in-office procedures.
  • It lifts and tightens skin around the mouth, face, chin, along the jawline, and under the eyes.
  • It’s non-invasive so it’s a great alternative to surgery.
  • There’s no pre-treatment preparation required (other than avoiding those things that caused your skin damage in the first place).
  • There are no post-treatment regimens to follow.

How Does Smoothlase™ Treatment Feel?

The comfort level of the treatment will vary depending on the location of the treatment and the individual patient. There may be a feeling of heat or sensitivity but that would be more toward the lip area since a lot of nerves are located there.

Most other areas of the face, however, will feel nothing at all or maybe little warmth. Any tingling, tenderness, or slight swelling of tissues is mild and temporary in nature.

While Smoothlase™ is approved for all adults, your treatment experience may differ from your other people’s simply due to your age and the state of your skin. Some patients get exactly the results they want after one treatment. Other patients may need to come back for more Smoothlase™ sessions. When you come in for your free consultation with Dr. Cobble, he can tell you what you can expect.


Masterpiece Smiles also offers LipLaseSM™. While Smoothlase™ can help erase those laugh lines, LipLaseSM can tone up your lips. This is also a non-invasive procedure. You can see firmer, shapelier lips in about three LipLaseSM sessions.

We can do both treatments at the same time, but you can also opt to do each one separately.

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The staff at Masterpiece Smiles wants to offer you every treatment that’s available to make you a more self-confident person. Dr. Cobble makes it a point to stay up on the latest technology that can give you beautiful results with as little pain or downtime as possible. Call us at 918-925-9687 or use our online form to make an appointment.

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