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Have you been unhappy with the appearance of your skin? Decades of sun exposure, genetics, less-than-optimal care, and just the stresses of daily life all take their toll. And when our skin is plagued by unsightly sags and wrinkles, we look tired, rundown, and older than our years.

At Masterpiece Smiles of Tulsa, OK, we offer Smoothlase™, a revolutionary procedure that will give you firmer, younger-looking skin. And do so without many of the drawbacks of the more well-known cosmetic skin rejuvenation techniques. To schedule your free Smoothlase™ consultation, call (918) 992-4139.


An Alternative to Botox

Many people are reluctant to subject their skin to Botox treatments. It involves potentially painful injections into the face, can cause bruising, and some patients can build up a natural immunity so that they require increasingly high doses of the substance for their desired results. Plus, there is the nature of Botox itself. Botox, or Botulinum toxin A, is a neurotoxin produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It works, in effect, by paralyzing the facial muscles so that they cannot contract. This causes wrinkles to soften and disappear.

While Botox is FDA approved and there is no evidence it is unsafe when administered by a licensed professional, many people would prefer a gentler, less invasive — and less expensive method — to achieve smooth skin.


Smoothlase Works with Your Skin

Rather than pumping up the skin with Botox toxins or other fillers foreign to your body, Smoothlase™ is a photothermal therapy that uses a small, handheld laser called the Er:YAG to stimulate your body into producing new collagen. The procedure does not require anesthesia, you will not be subject to needles or injections, and there is no prolonged healing time. You will be good to go as soon as your treatment is finished.

While there may be a bit of an immediate boost to your skin, the real effects of Smoothlase™ become apparent over time as your body grows new collagen and your face becomes smoother, firmer, and younger looking. Typically, you will see gradual improvement to your skin over the course of two to three months — and sometimes for as long as six months.

Smoothlase™ is approved by the FDA for use in all adults. Its effectiveness, and how many treatments you will require for your desired results, depend on the current condition of your skin and your age. Dr. Cobble offers free Smoothlase™ consultations, so you will will have a realistic idea of what to expect in your particular case before making a decision.


What Can I Expect During My Procedure?

The Smoothlase™ procedure is simple and quick. No preparation on your end is required before your appointment. The key difference between Smoothlase™ and other dermatological laser treatments is that our Er:YAG laser works from within the mouth and not on the skin itself. We strategically target the deep support layers of the skin with fractionalized laser energy. We reach the same areas as a surgical facelift. And because we are working from within the mouth, your skin remains intact and untouched.

The laser stimulates your body to increase collagen production for gradual, natural-looking results that will unfold over a period of a few months. The wrinkles and loose skin around your mouth, lips, and chin will subtly but noticeably tighten and lift for a more youthful appearance.

If your lips could use a boost, we offer LipLaseSM™, which uses the same technique but focuses on the lips. We can perform your LipLaseSM™ procedure on its own or in conjunction with Smoothlase™.


For your FREE Smoothlase™ or  LipLaseSM™ consultation, call Masterpiece Smiles of Tulsa, OK at (918) 992-4139. You may also reach out through our web form.


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