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Masterpiece Smiles in Tulsa, OK offers more than just family dentistry in an upscale atmosphere. We are also your cosmetic dentistry partner in maintaining a youthful appearance. The look and health of your smile can go a long way toward preserving the natural vibrancy of youth.

As a team, Dr. Cobble have more than 60 years of advanced dental training. With exceptional skills across multiple fields of dentistry, they are the dentists to see for exquisite results.

Teeth Whitening For A Youthful Glow

Are your annual summer trips to Napa written all over your teeth? Red wine, just like coffee and tobacco use, can stain your teeth. Even if you don’t indulge, you may find that your teeth have simply dulled with age.

A bright, white smile sends the message to others that you are healthy, happy, and full of life. A stained, discolored smile? Just the opposite. If you already have concerns about the shade of your smile, you’ve probably tried a whitening kit from the store with varying results.

Our patients turn to us for professional teeth whitening treatment that is both safe and effective. Your smile will be visibly brighter without the risk of harm to your gums or lingering teeth sensitivity. At our Masterpiece Smiles we offer:

  • TouchWhite™, a laser activated teeth whitening treatment (5-10 shades whiter)
  • Zoom! teeth whitening trays that can be used in our office or take-home trays to be worn nightly at home over a period of time (up to 8 shades whiter)

Straight Teeth To Shift Your Age Downward

While you might not want to go quite as young as the teenybopper look associated with metal braces, straighter teeth can make you look younger. Teeth can shift with age and create a crowded smile in older adults.

Masterpiece Smiles uses Invisalign to give our patients the youthful advantage of a straighter smile without the blemish of metal braces across their teeth. Invisalign uses removable trays to move your teeth into alignment. These trays are clear, so they do not draw unwanted attention to your teeth.

Some of our patients want a more immediate solution. For them, we recommend dental veneers. Not only will veneers give you the appearance of straight teeth, they will cover every chip, crack, stain, and imperfection.

Masterpiece Smiles’ dental veneers of choice are e.max prepless veneers. With e.max we can give your smile the strength of traditional porcelain veneers in a set of glass ceramic veneers that don’t require any shaving away of your natural tooth enamel. It’s just one more way we strive to offer our patients the latest in technology, treatments, and procedures.

Smooth Out Your Wrinkles With Facial Rejuvenation

You followed the rules – drink water, wear sunscreen, use a night cream – but you still have wrinkles. Sometimes fighting the good fight against wrinkles on your own simply isn’t enough. Masterpiece Smiles is here with reinforcements:

SmoothLase™ This painless, fast healing treatment can garner immediate results and sparks an increase in your skin’s natural collagen creation for the following 3 weeks. During your free consultation, your dentist will evaluate your age, the state of your skin, and possible outcomes to create your treatment plan.

LipLaseSM™ Don’t just smooth out your laugh lines, tone up your lips too. In about three sessions of this noninvasive treatment, you could have firmer, shapelier lips. Kiss lifeless lips goodbye with treatment from the dental office you already know and trust.

Gum Recession Treatment To Revitalize Your Smile

Ever heard the phrase “long in the teeth?” While the phrase originates with horses and the length of their teeth, it could just as easily be applied to people too. Your gums can recede over the years with aggressive brushing, gum disease, or even hormonal changes like the ones that accompany menopause giving your smile that unappealing “long in the tooth” look.

If you’ve looked into options for fixing your gums at other dental offices you may have been put off by the painful details of gum graft surgery and the lengthy recovery time. Masterpiece Smiles is among a select group of dental offices who are certified to perform the new Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique allows us to raise your gumline, or even out an uneven gumline, with no cutting and minimal discomfort to you. With very little downtime, you’ll be out and about showing off your gorgeous new gums. Not only will correcting your receding improve the look of your smile, it will protect your teeth from bacteria that can cause gum disease and lead to bone loss.

For a youthful smile handcrafted by our skilled dentist, Dr. Cobble, schedule your appointment by calling 918-925-9687 or filling out our simple online form. And if you’re a returning patient, we can’t wait to welcome you to our stylish new dental office on 91st Street!

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