5 Reasons Why Having One Family Dentist Works

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If you have kids, you probably drive several places on the weekend. One might need to be driven to baseball practice, while another has band practice. You can’t take a 15-year-old to the same place for a haircut that you take your 4-year-old to. Just finding one movie to watch together can be a pain.

However, the same is not true for dentistry. At our Tulsa, OK dental office, we offer advanced dental treatments. You can bring your whole family here. This has its benefits, so here are six reasons why having one family dentist can be helpful.

1. The communication between your family dentist and the rest of your family improves. When you have different dentists for different member of your family, the stuff you have to communicate can quickly get out of hand. You have to remember different phone numbers, addresses, emails, and so on. Have a change to your dental insurance? You’ll need to remember to communicate that several times. If you change a dentist, then you’ll need to get records moved as well. If you forget whether your child needs a cavity or a dental crown, that means another phone call.

Things are a bit easier when you stick with our Tulsa, OK dental office for the whole family. You could come by for preventive dentistry and get reminders and answers for your spouse or kids. When you need to speak to your family about their dental health, everyone can be on the same page when they all go to the same place.

2. Our dental team can deliver better results because we have gotten to know your family. There’s a lot to be said for familiarity. Dentistry doesn’t exist in a vacuum. What happened to your teeth last year can impact today. For example, a toothache could mean you have a cavity. But if you had a root canal last year, that could mean the infection has somehow returned. By having one dentist for the whole family, our team has easy access to the records of what happened in the past.

In addition, our team can get to know your family. You might have a son who has some dental anxiety. By coming to the same dental office, we will know about the dental anxiety and can take steps to help reduce it.

3. Having one dental office for your whole family makes organizing things easier. If you have ever had several kids attending different schools, you know how tough it can be to keep track of everything. One kid might need cupcakes for a class party. Another is going on a field trip and needs lunch money. Which number is for which school again?

When you stick with a single dental office for your whole family, organizing things become easier. You know exactly where everyone needs to go for preventive dentistry. You can even schedule your appointments back-to-back, making one less trip around town.

4. Your children will feel more comfortable coming to our Tulsa, OK dental office. Speaking of dental anxiety, that’s a real problem affecting many people. Adults usually have less anxiety, but kids are especially hit by it. They’re taken into a strange office with weird sounds and strangers all around them. Even though they’re taught to avoid strangers, they must let a stranger put his fingers in their mouth. Add in confusion over what to expect from a dental visit, and you can see why so many kids have dental anxiety.

What can help is having the same dentist for your whole family. First, your children will have heard you speak about Dr. Cobble. That makes them more familiar. Second, your kids can get to know our entire dental team by coming in every six months. Instead of strangers and confusion, your children will experience people, sounds, and sights they already know.

5. Our team has the experience, training, and expertise to work with your whole family. There are many dental specialists out there. They do great work; that’s why they are specialists. However, specializing in something like periodontics or orthodontics usually means they do not have the experience for other areas. After all, you would go to a dentist specializing in braces when you have gum disease.

At our family dental office in Tulsa, OK, our entire team is trained to provide a wide range of dental treatments. Your family can get help with cavities, chipped teeth, gum disease, and more. We can even help with sleep apnea and TMJ pain. By sticking with one family dental office over the years, you can get treatments for many different problems.

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