5 Fun Facts About Dentistry

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5 Fascinating Dental Facts

Some of those things that we talked about earlier include interesting facts and stories from within the world of dentistry. Check out these cool, interesting, and slightly unbelievable dental facts.


  • Dental Implants Were Perfected on Accident


Dental implants are as effective as they are at replacing your missing teeth because of how stable and secure they are in your mouth. The titanium that makes up the dental implant has a unique ability to bond with the bone in your jaw. This is called osseointegration, and was discovered, by accident, by a Swedish surgeon in the 1950s.

Dr. Brånemark was conducting research on rabbits when he discovered that the titanium cylinders that he placed in the bones of the rabbits had completely fused with the bone. His research was over the blood flow inside the bones of the rabbits, but he ended up making what may be the most important discovery in the history of dental implants.


  • Snails Don’t Need a Big Mouth to Have a TON of Teeth


Snails are known to be small, slow, and a little gross to some people, but what they are not known for is having a lot of teeth. Their mouths are only about the size of a pinhead, but they house over 25,000 teeth!

That is not a misprint, we meant to put 25,000. That is an enormous amount of teeth. For comparison’s sake, we (humans) have 32 teeth in our mouths as adults. The Great White shark has 50 teeth, with over 300 teeth ready to come in as they lose their teeth. Those numbers come nowhere close to the amount of teeth inside the mouth of a snail.


  • Prison Break, Now Starring Dental Floss!


When you think of dental floss, you think of a thin string that can be a pain to use (though it is necessary if you want to make sure your mouth is clean). What you don’t think of is a tool that could be used to escape from prison, but that is exactly how one inmate in West Virginia used it. After braiding dental floss together to make a rope, the inmate escaped through the chain link roof of an outdoor recreation yard. He was apprehended shortly after escape, but he was able to show everyone that dental floss was good for much more than just keeping your mouth clean.


  • There Was Nothing Wooden in George Washington’s Dentures


There is a myth that George Washington had wooden dentures, and that is why he never shows his teeth in any of his portraits. He did have dentures, and that may be why he rarely smiled, but they were not made of wood. In fact, they were made of ivory, gold, and lead. He had multiple pairs of these very expensive dentures as well. He even made repairs himself from time to time. George Washington truly had a pair of teeth fit for one of the fathers of our great nation.


  • Girls Smile a Lot, Boys, Not So Much


Any married man will readily admit that there are many things that their wives do better than them. This includes almost every aspect of home life. Guys are just a step behind women in many regards, but none so much as when it comes to smiling. Women smile more than 60 times throughout the day. Guys come in a very distant second at only 8 smiles per day. That is pretty sound beating that the girls give the guys in the smile department.


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