5 Facts That Can Change Your View of Dentistry

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Our Tulsa dental office is dedicated to helping patients of all ages and dental complications. Our dental team at Masterpiece Smiles prides itself on providing comfortable dental options, whether we’re offering general dental care or full-mouth reconstructions. But one of our favorites things is to provide education for everyone who walks into our office. The more informed you are, the more likely you are to make good decisions about your oral health.

Here are 5 dental facts we think every person ought to follow.

  1. Dental plaque can form in about eight hours.

Ever wonder why we dentists ask you to brush twice a day? That’s because plaque, a sticky substance that can cause cavities, forms within a matter of hours. Brushing your teeth twice a day will help rid your teeth of plaque before the plaque calcifies on the tooth or creates a cavity in the tooth. Think about how aggressive plaque is the next time you want to skip brushing your teeth!

  1. About 35 percent of the tooth is beneath the gum line.

Only about 65 percent of the tooth is above the gum line. This is the portion we call the crown, while the root is in below the gum line. This ratio is important to know because brushing is the best way to clean the surface of the tooth, while flossing is the best way to clean below the gum line. So, floss is your best tool to clean the other 35 percent of the tooth. Just like I mentioned above for fact No. 1., think about this ratio the next time you want to skip flossing. You wouldn’t skip cleaning 35 percent of your body in the shower! If you’re nervous about flossing or want some advice, ask one of our dental hygienists during your regular cleanings and exams.


  1. Gum disease is the number one cause of missing teeth.


Gum disease, not tooth decay or trauma, is the leading cause of tooth loss. Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease will affect about 75 percent of Americans. What makes gum disease so dangerous is that it can spread around the mouth quickly. The infection starts in the gums, but can reach the bone and cause the tooth to become loose and eventually fail. The only way to combat gum disease is with professional interventional. We offer special nonsurgical gum disease control. The early stages of gum disease can be controlled, but advanced gum disease is not curable. Some of the first signs of gum disease are bleedings or swollen gums. If you have these issues, give us a call immediately.  

  1. A root canal saves the tooth.

I know that most of us cringe even hearing the word root canal. But it’s usually the last resort to saving the tooth. Plus, if you allow an abscessed tooth — a common reason for a root canal — go untreated, that infection can spread to your remaining healthy teeth. One of the biggest dental myths around is that root canals are painful. The truth is that root canals are no more uncomfortable that a filling. Today, the tools are extremely malleable, and we even have sedation options if you’re fearful about the procedure.  

  1. Having no teeth can cut your life short.

We talk a lot about the cosmetic effects of missing teeth, but it’s important to understand the role teeth play in your overall health. Teeth help us chew and digest our food. As it turns out, healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, and nuts take a look of force to chew. Many people without teeth or with removable dentures struggle to eat these healthy foods. According to the Mayo Clinic, someone without teeth can cut their life short by up to 10 years. This is why our office is so determined to help you keep your teeth for life — or to provide great replacement tooth options like dental implants.

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