4 Signs That You Could Have A TMJ Disorder

You could have a TMJ disorder and not know. Then again, you could have a TMJ disorder and just not know what to do about it.In either situation, you can come to our dentist office in Tulsa, OK, for help. We offer TMJ treatments that have helped numerous patients start living without pain again.Today, we want to help you identify four possible signs ...

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We Want To Teach Good Oral Health Habits [video]

Routine visits to our dentist office in Tulsa, OK, aren’t just about dental cleanings and exams. They should also include patient comfort and patient education, as Kem, one of our dental hygienists, explains in the video below.General dentistry can help you keep your mouth healthy, but we also want to show you how to stay healthy with good oral ...

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Could Veneers Be Good For Your Smile? [quiz]

We have used cosmetic dentistry to help countless patients in and around Tulsa, OK. Our dentist, Dr. Jan Cobble, enjoys helping people feel more confident about their smiles.One of the best ways to do that is with dental veneers. This versatile treatment is an efficient way to transform someone’s smile (and sometimes self-confidence) in a matter of ...

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Dental Crowns Can Look, Feel Like Natural Teeth [video]

Accidents happen. Adam learned that the hard way one day when he was out cycling.His accident left him with two broken teeth in the front of his smile. When he started asking where he could fix his teeth, people recommended Dr. Jan Cobble, our dentist in Tulsa, OK.We were able to design dental crowns for Adam that look and feel like his natural ...

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Three Reasons To Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign

You’ve been thinking about it for months. Should you straighten your teeth? Are you too old for orthodontics?Only you can decide the answer to the first questions, but we can tell you that there are good reasons to straighten your teeth. We are also happy to let you know that you are never too old for orthodontic care if your teeth are ...

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Don’t Let Untreated TMJ Pain Spread

What starts out as some stiffness or discomfort in your jaw can get much worse. TMJ pain is a major sign of TMJ disorder. With this condition, you could eventually suffer from powerful migraines and lockjaw. In addition, pain from your jaw can spread through your upper body.Call our Tulsa, OK dental office today at 918-925-9687 to schedule TMJ ...

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How Professional Teeth Whitening Brightens Your Smile

Healthy teeth are bright and white. That's why you can feel embarrassed when your teeth are yellowish and dark from years of coffee, wine, or tobacco. These stains are simply not going anywhere on their own.That's why you need to call our Tulsa, OK dental office today at 918-925-9687 for teeth whitening. The TouchWhite™ in-office professional teeth ...

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Giving Your Kids Some Great Dental Habits

At our Tulsa, OK family dentistry office, kids three-years-old and older are always welcome. Even though they still might have their baby teeth, taking care of things now can lead to better dental health as they grow up.Call our Tulsa, OK dental office today at 918-925-9687 to make your next family dentistry appointment. In the meantime, you need to ...

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Don’t Forget To Use That Dental Floss

Too many people remember to brush but forget about flossing. That's bad because dental floss helps get rid of the food particles that lead to cavities and gum disease. Without flossing, your teeth and gums will suffer sooner or later.Call our Tulsa, OK dental office today at 918-925-9687 to schedule your next appointment. Dr. Cobble continues his ...

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Did You Know That Sleep Apnea Could Be Dangerous?

People sometimes make noise when they sleep. If you snore a little, that's probably nothing to worry about. But if you are snoring most nights, you could have a condition called sleep apnea. This robs you of your sleep and can be dangerous to you.That's why you need to call our Tulsa, OK dental office today at 918-925-9687 and schedule sleep apnea ...

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