Three Reasons Your Tooth May Need To Be Removed

Removing teeth is often seen as a last resort. Whenever possible, it’s best to keep your teeth intact.And yet, there are times when tooth extractions are in your best interest. If you are in one of these situations, we can take out your tooth at our dentist office in Tulsa, OK. It’s not something we are going to recommend unless it is the best ...

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Orthodontics Are About More Than Your Smile [infographic]

Are you thinking about orthodontic care for yourself or someone in your family?If so, we hope you will visit our dentist office if you live in or near Tulsa, OK. We offer Invisalign® at Masterpiece Smiles. This is a great option for many patients who want to change their smiles, but don’t want to wear braces.But improving your smile is only part ...

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Improve Your Smile Painlessly In Tulsa, OK [video]

Going back to his college days, Mike W. did not like his crooked teeth, but he didn’t want to endure wearing braces to fix them either.At Masterpiece Smiles, he was able to use Invisalign® under the supervision of Dr. Cobble to create the straight smile that he wanted. He appreciated that he could receive prompt, professional, and painless dentistry ...

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Repair, Replace Teeth With Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry isn’t new.It’s been around for thousands of years of recorded human history. But the treatments used in restorative care have never been better than they are today.We no longer use ivory or animal bones to take the place of missing teeth. You no longer have to settle for gold replacements to restore the function of your ...

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Treat Gum Disease & Improve Your Smile

By now, you have heard of gum disease. You may have even heard it referred to as periodontal disease. You also might have heard a dentist or hygienist refer to gingivitis and periodontitis. These are the mild and advanced forms of gum disease, respectively.Preventing them and treating them are both good reasons to visit Masterpiece Smiles if you live in ...

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Testing Is The First Step In Treating Sleep Apnea [video]

Today, we want to reiterate some of the points we made in our previous post about snoring and sleep apnea.In the video below, Dr. Jan Cobble explains that you can get a sleep test through our dentist office in Tulsa, OK. If your test shows you have severe sleep apnea, we can refer you to a trusted sleep doctor. If your test shows that you have mild or ...

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Don’t Let Snoring Ruin Your Summer Vacation

You’ve been saving for this trip for the past year. You are looking forward to some time away from work and spending time with the people you love.There’s just one problem — your snoring.You want the trip to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, but you know that sharing a hotel room means your snoring could make it hard for your family or ...

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Could You Be A Candidate For Dental Sedation? [quiz]

Has anyone told you to just “get over” your fear of the dentist? If it was really that easy, then you would probably do it.At Masterpiece Smiles, we understand that dental anxiety can be difficult. It’s also why we do all we can to ease you back into a dentist’s chair. We offer comfort options and sedation dentistry for our patients in and ...

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You Deserve Pain-Free, Professional Dental Care [video]

When you are trying to find a general dentist, you expect him or her to be able to handle the technical aspects of dentistry. You also probably want someone who cares enough about you to strive for pain-free dentistry.If you live in or near Tulsa, OK, our dentist office can provide both of those things for you. Your comfort is equally important to us as ...

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Are You Taking Care Of Your Smile This Summer?

Summer brings back a lot of memories from our childhood. It’s also a time when you and your family will create new memories — memories that can bring you smiles now and when you reminisce about them in years to come.That is, as long as you feel like smiling.Summer means a lot of things, but one thing you can count on is hotter weather. More ...

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